1215 Assembly Street
Columbia SC 29201
803 451 0051


Colas is at the intersection of Assembly and Gervais streets.  It is owned by the people who own Garibaldi's.

If you like loud restaurants and would rather just observe those around you rather than talk with those at your table, you'll like Colas.  You can use your smartphone and send text messages to your tablemates.  You can yell at people on the sidewalk in front when the garage (front of the restaurant) doors are open.

Many like a place that is loud.  Others prefer a quieter place, like Garibaldi's.  You now have your choice.  The cuisine at Colas is, like at Garibaldi's, excellent.  Colas is "American"cuisine, like beef, chicken, lamb and seafood (tilapia, farm raised salmon, crab).  Best is the homemade sorbet and desserts.

Service is good.  And this is close to the Vista as well as to Main Street. Tell us about your experience at this restaurant..