Collaboration Centers

The idea for creating Collaboration Centers came from what may have been of the first and most successful collaboration centers in the United States.  This center is called the South Carolina Research Authority, an agency of the State of South Carolina, with primary offices in Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina.

For over 24 years, SCRA has been creating collaborations between Federal agencies, including the US Department of Defense and the military services, and private businesses.  SCRA is fully independent of tax support.  In fact, the agency recently provided US$12 million to a South Carolina program called SC Launch! which provides seed money up to US$200,000 for new enterprises. 

The Metromark plan for Collaboration Centers includes 1) technology transfer, 2) getting research parks fully operational, 3) and building collaborations that involve small and medium size enterprises (SMEs), large corporations, government, defense and military, hospitals, universities, technical colleges, regional development agencies (RDAs), patent owners, inventors, funding agencies, non-governmental organizations, and venture capitalists, as well as Internet communiities worldwide, and linked Collaboration Centers around the world.

Metromark is creating a virtual American Collaboration Center to serve as a link between Collaboration Centers throughout the world and the United States.  

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