Company Profile

Metromark was founded in 1979 with a vision to apply social science knowledge and methods to solve marketing, improvement, and business organization issues.  Using practical sociology, psychology, social psychology, and economics, our vision is to identify, measure, understand, predict and control human behavior in regards to getting people to perform behaviors that are beneficial to business, to world commerce, and to understanding how people from different cultures can work together for mutual benefit.

Metromark works in collaboration with our employees, customers, suppliers and organizations in the USA and internationally to identify and improve external and internal processes in  business assessment, evaluation, planning, strategy and development.

Our primary value to our customers is that we are an independent, scientific resource.  We have a different  perspective on the marketplace and the organization than do those who work day to day within our customers' organizations.

Our added value is that we have expertise, staff and resources that can be utilized by our customers' organizations as needs arise.

Our customers have confidence in our ability to not only provide the tools to make their organizations more attractive to customers as a place to do business, but also to work to create a loyal customer base and service delivery that keeps their customers loyal.

Metromark business development tools have been proven in hospitals and healthcare organizations, manufacturing operations, financial institutions, utility companies, regional economic development agencies and service organizations in the United States and Europe.

For further information email us or call at +1 803 256 8694.