Infectious Disease Guidelines for Hospital PR & Marketing Communication

Ebola and Measles Updates

Email us to get a copy of the "Infectious Disease Guidelines for Hospital PR & Marketing Communications" report to hospitals in the U.S.  There is no charge for this report.    We're trying to get discussion among hospital communicators on how and if  hospitals should communicate messages about infectious diseases, including hospital acquired infections (HAI), Ebola, measles, and other diseases in the community.  Some hospitals say using the word "Ebola" on their home pag​e or anywhere in the site will make the public believe that the hospital actually has an Ebola patient in the hospital, keeping paying patients away in droves.  Many hospitals are staying silent and not communicating with the public on critical public health issues.  Fear exists in many hospitals that they will have an unexpected patient with an infectious disease.  What are hospitals doing when they get a patient in the ED with an infectious disease and with patients who get an infectious disease in the hospital?  This is an issue for hospital communicators, including those in public relations and marketing.