Economic Development

Our world economy and transportation system give us easier access than ever to people, technology and natural resources  in any part of the world.  Metromark assists investors, small and medium size businesses, entrepreneurs with a good idea or a new technology, major corporations, and regional development agencies in bringing together people from distant parts of the world.   Metromark provides knowledge through scientific market research that assists cities, regions and countries in identifying the best partners and the best opportunities for inward investment, technology development, and tourism 

Metromark provides a collaborative model for the identification of ideas and technology that can be commercialized, creating new businesses, new markets, and new wealth within a region. We identify  North American investors and technology for countries throughout the world.  Our collaborative model brings together entrepreneurs, patents and emerging technologies, major international corporations, universities, the military, and government agencies to create commercial products and services.  Our Collaboration Centers help grow small businesses into large ones, within the city, province, region or country.   
Use the "Contact Us" link at the top of this page and click on "Business Request".  Give us your contact information and we'll be in touch with you within 24 hours.  Whether you're interested in investing abroad or in getting companies in the U.S. or Canada to invest in your city, province, region, or country, we can help.