The Gourmet Shop

724 Saluda Avenue
Columbia, SC 29205

Phone: 803-799-3705  Website

One of Columbia's first sidewalk cafes, with indoor seating as well in a smoke-free setting. Once you step inside, you'll smell a mélange of coffee beans, cheeses, chocolate and other wonderful things. The Gourmet Shop is a combination sandwich shop and cafe, wine shop, cookery shop (where you can buy whisks, skillets, bowls, and just about everything you need to outfit your kitchen), fine cuisine book store, and a centerpiece deli, charcuterie, patisserie, chocolaterie, and boulangerie). There's fresh-baked Vie de France baguettes you can tuck under your arm and play like you're in a left-bank boulangerie. There's also a good selection of packaged cookies, biscuits, candy and other goodies from England and France and around the world. But, we're still looking for Turkish Delight. Linda Messier Hiltner is your host. Open 10 to 5 on Sundays, 9 to 6 Monday through Saturday. Often you'll find a wine tasting going on and you'll be invited to participate for a minimal fee. In Five Points.  Ask Linda about the Lindt solid chocolate bar infused with chili.  Meals under $10.  Consistently inventive and good.