Healthcare Cost & Quality

Metromark is working on a study of healthcare costs and quality.   Costs can be based on commercial insurance, Medicare, Medicaid on a per-member basis.  Quality can be based on many measures such as patient satisfaction, process measures, and outcomes.

While the costs are fairly straightforward to quantify, quality is not.   Insurers are very good at capturing costs, but are not always explicit on agreeing on quality measures.  One quality measure may be whether, for example, a patient dies within 30 days of a procedure.   That's mortality.  Not the most comforting measure when patients are trying to evaluate hospital or physician quality.  Another measure might be whether the patient had an unexpected event, such as an infection or a return to surgery.  

We're looking at some specific cost measures now.  We would like to get feed back from you and others on what you consider to be the best measures of quality.  Let us know. Email us.