Healthcare Executives Education

For executives, these courses, some half-day, others full-day are designed to launch quality service concepts in an organization and build a culture that creates commitment to service by the entire staff.

This seminar is composed of three 1 1/2 to 2-hour sessions.


  • Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service
  • Delivering Quality Customer Service
  • Building an Instrument Panel or Balanced Scorecard to Guide the Hospital's Progress Toward Quality Customer Service

Seminar Options

  • Onsite Visit - We come into your hospital to conduct the seminars and help you implement a customer service improvement process.
  • Train the Trainers - We can train your employees as facilitators to conduct the seminars in-house and to get a process underway.
  • Inhouse Development - You can purchase the course materials, including a leader's guide, and conduct the seminar in-house on your own. We'll help you get the seminars incorporated into the life of your organization

For more information, call our toll-free Seminar Hot Line at 1-888-256-8694.