Industries Served


Hospitals and healthcare organizations use Metromark ®  Healthcare Quality Service solutions to help build market share and improve quality of care. Our solutions help retain patients, physicians and employees, attract more customers, help recruit employees and physicians, and develop a hospital reputation that brings business to the hospital and improves outcomes.



Metromark® provides legal research services to attorneys throughout the U.S. and abroad since 1979. We assist attorneys with simulated trials, simulated juries, community surveys, and witness preparation. We also provide assistance in identitying how a firm's clients and prospective clients perceive the law firm and its attorneys.



Metromark® delivers the most demanding scientific , survey research and market development reports to our US and international clients, based on state of the art methods and sampling techniques, including quick telephone surveys, high return mail questionnaires, targeted Internet questionnaires, and desk & library research of secondary data. For library or secondary research, call us for quick but thorough studies on the market for a product and service, including our recommendations and strategy suggestions.