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The Aviation Valley Association is a group of 12 large aerospace companies and 60 SMEs is located in Southeastern Poland.

This part of Poland has a history in aviation that goes back 100 years.  Today, two United Technologies Corporation companies familiar to the American aerospace industry, Pratt & Whitney and Sikorsky (PZL Mielic) are examples of companies that have operations in the Aviation Valley.  The Sikorsky S-70i Black Hawk is produced here, the first Black Hawk produced in Europe. 

One research center is the Rzeszow Technical University .

For further informaiton on the Aviation Valley Association and Southeastern Poland from an American's perspective and more information on why you should learn more about Aviation Valley, contact us.

Bydgoszcz is located in the Kujavia and Pomerania region, south of Gdansk and west of Warsaw. The city is working to establish itself as a center for tourism and has ample historic areas, buildings and local enthusiasm to be a home base for getting involved in the historic and current projects that makes this a very livable city.

Bydgoszcz, Poland EU

The idea for creating Collaboration Centers came from what may have been of the first and most successful collaboration centers in the United States.  This center is called the South Carolina Research Authority, an agency of the State of South Carolina, with primary offices in Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina.

Our world economy and transportation system give us easier access than ever to people, technology and natural resources  in any part of the world.  Metromark assists investors, small and medium size businesses, entrepreneurs with a good idea or a new technology, major corporations, and regional development agencies in bringing together people from distant parts of the world.   Metromark provides knowledge through scientific market research that assists cities, regions and countries in identifying the best partners and the best opportunities for inward investment, technology development, and tourism 

Want a business location where the sun shines more than anywhere else in England?  Where the coastline, nature, and history wrap around you?  Where you are only just over an hour's flight on regularly scheduled commercial airlines from  Newquay airport in Cornwall and Gatwick airport in London - and from there: locations throughout the world.  

The location you are looking for is in the South West of England , in Cornwall County.  For a map and general information, click here.

While Cornwall welcomes any new businesses, it is focusing on those in the knowledge economy.   In a knowledge economy, the primary product is knowledge itself.  This is knowledge that can be used as a tool to improve the region's per capita income.  Some of the key profressions in a knowledge economy are economists, computer scientists, software engineers, mathematicians, chemists, physicists, as well as psychologists and sociologists.  A knowledge economy can consist of many small businesses, large businesses, and can include those scientists and scholars who work with universities and technical colleges and those who work in commercial research and development. 

The Combined Universities in Cornwall , with facilities throughout the county, consists of the University of Exeter, the University of Plymouth, University College Falmouth, Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, Cornwall College and Truro & Penwith College.

Of course, wherever you are, you want to stay connected with the rest of the world.  Highspeed broad band is in place in Cornwall today, with the fastest connections in the UK now in the works. We know that web resources and communication are important to businesses.

For further information on business opportunities in Cornwall, contact us for a view of Cornwall from an American's perspective or click here to go straight to Truro, England and the Invest in Cornwall team and their resources.  To get information quickly go to the Invest in Cornwall contact page.

Other resources include the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, Business Cornwall magazine, and to know about what is going on that is really fun in Cornwall, there's Inside Cornwall magazine.

If you want a place to stay in Cornwall in comfort but on your own while you're contemplating an investment in Cornwall or just to have a nice vacation, there are many good hotels and bed and breakfast places.  Email us and we'll give you some of our own recommendations.

Krakow, the second largest city in Poland and a former capital of Poland, sits beautifully on the Vistula River complete with Wawel Castle overlooking the valley. The Steven Spielberg movie Schlindler's List was filmed, in part, here.  Oskar Schlindler's factory, near the neighborhood of Kazimierz, is open as a museum and cultural center. The medieval Market Square is a spectacular preservation.

Krakow is the home of the LifeScience Cluster Krakow, a consortium of biotechnology and life sciences organizations, including hospitals, universities, government agencies, and businesses.   What more information on Krakow or the LifeSciences Cluster Krakow?  Email us or complete the Business Request form under "Contact us" in the upper right hand corner of this page.  Click here to learn more about Krakow.

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The City of Lodz is the third largest city in Poland, with nearly 800,000 people. Krakow is second largest and the largest is the capital city Warsaw.  During the last days of World War II, the government of the Republic of Poland moved to Lodz -- since Warsaw had been destroyed by the Germans.  

Lodz is the home of the University of Lodz, with over 40,000 students and programs that serve international students and international companies. For more information on Lodz, go to

Lodz, Poland EU

Poznan is a major metropolitan area in the Greater Poland region to the west of Warsaw..  There are many opporunities here for investment, with an experienced workforce and an honest work ethic.  We were given the bumper sticker you see in this photo as we were leaving the train station at Poznan for Prague.  An enterprising and enthusiastic person was going down the train, telling everyone about the wonders of this city. That's the spirit of the people you find in this city.  We put it on our car when we got back to the United States, bringing the spirit of Poznan to America.  

 Poznan, Poland EU

The Republic of Poland, the largest in terms of land mass in the Central European Economic Community and over 38 million people, is looking for inward investment, tourism development, entrepreneurs and the development of small and medium size enterprises, and trading partners. 

 Republic of Poland EURepublic of Poland EURepublic of Poland EU

Rzeszow is a city in the southeastern corner of Poland, bordering on Ukraine to the east and Slovokia to the south. The city is the center of what is known as Aviation Valley, a thriving aerospace industry that includes Pratt & Whitney and Sikorski. The Aviation Valley Association has over 70 aerospace companies as members and includes regions to the north and west of Rzeszow.

Rzeszow, pronounced "jes-off", has for many years been a major producer of aircraft, powered and gliders, as well as aircraft engines.  The region continues this historic tradition with sophisticated research centers, creating lighter, more fuel efficient and quieter aircraft engines for the largest aircraft. 

Universities and technical colleges work with local companies to provide educational and training programs to fit a company's needs.

The Rzeszow airport has an 8,200 foot long runway, the second longest in all of Poland.   Regular one-hour service is available on LOT Polish Airlines between Rzeszow and Warsaw.  Other service is available to and from cities in Europe and North America.  Email us for information on doing business in Rzeszow or in the Aviation Valley of Poland.