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The South West of England, which includes the Westcountry, is known for Devon Cream Teas, driving down hedgerow-flanked lanes, pastoral scenes, and vacations at Torquay.  Within this beautiful setting are higher education institutions such as the University of Bristol and Exeter University.  This is a knowledge-based region of the U.K., with technological advances in aviation and aerospace, information technology,  manufacturing, and other industries.

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The West Pomeranian region (called a voivodeship in Poland) is located in the northwest corner of the Republic of Poland.  It has a 115 mile coastline with beaches on the Baltic Sea. Its western border is the Oder River, which brings together German and Poland. The region is known for its forests and lakes and as a center for tourism as well as business.  Its history is linked to Germany, Scandinavia, Poland and other regions and countries.  And, its culture today reflects positive influences from a variety of cultures.

The capital of the region is Szczecin (pronounced "stet-chin") , a lively port city on the Oder River.  When this city was in Germany, prior to 1945, it was called Stettin.    

The City of Wroclaw is in the region (voivodeship) of Lower Silesia in the southwest corner of Poland on the border with the Czech Republic.