Jury Consultation, Simulated Trials & Juries

Jury Box

It is not often that a case gets to the jury trial stage.  Nearly all are settled.  But when the case does look like it is going before a jury, we do a thorough sociological, demographic, and social psychological analysis of the pool of potential jurors in the community and in the venire.  We help counsel design juror questionnaires and conduct the analysis of completed questionnaires in a database that we use in the courtroom to assist in juror selection and in suggesting questions for voir dire. 

We have experience in trademark, patents, products, services, gas & electric, international, healthcare, as well as in personal injury.  We work closely to review the case and work with counsel. We are members of the American Society of Trial Consultants and use the resources of that organization on the latest issues in jury trial preparation.

When the stakes are high, you owe it to your client and to yourself to test arguments, witnesses and evidence in front of people who match what you may find in the jury box at trial.  Metromark® facilitates focus groups and uses conference centers to create mock juries, mock trials, and focused discussion groups for witness preparation and trial planning,

Use either simple focus groups for single issues or simulated juries or trials.  In the trials, you can get a value for your case and learn how jurors came to their decisions.  Jurors are screened and selected just as they would be in the courthouse. 

Lawyers can prepare for their cases with Metromark® simulated trials and juries program anywhere in the U.S.

Program Highlights 

  • Power of Persuasion
    Test presentation styles and power of persuasion for one or more lawyers
  • Case Presentation
    Present witnesses, evidence and test arguments from both sides of a case with two, three, or more simultaneous juries of 7 to 12 jurors.
  • Jury Moderation
    For 2-hour focus group sessions, a moderator will guide the jurors through their discussion of the evidence or witnesses you bring before them. 
  • Flexible, Need-Based Options
    For example, you may choose an evening of two groups of jurors to present single arguments, individual witnesses, and selected evidence.  Or, you may choose to add more evidence or different arguments to one set of jurors to see how that information influences their discussion and decisions

While some cases may take more than a day for presentation, most cases can be presented in a single day session.  In the afternoon for one day cases or the next morning for two day cases, observe through one way mirrors or closed-circuit TV how jurors reach decisions on the facts and the awards.

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