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How to Use the Aviation Model to improve Healthcare Quality, Service, Safety & Value

Presentation and seminar led by Dr. Emerson Smith, a medical sociologist, and his associates.  He is also a commercial pilot, a search and rescue pilot for the United States Air Force Auxiliary (Civil Air Patrol) and an FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFII).  Click on the link below for a sample of one topic in one of our aviation model presentations.

How to Use the Aviation Model to improve Healthcare Quality, Service, Safety & Value   

This presentation is  based on aviation concepts such as instrument panel scan, division of attention, crew resource management,  as well as the NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System.  These aviation concepts are modified and upgraded to improve healthcare organizations.   View  video segment of this presentation.

The presentation deals with use of existing data, paying more attention to events outside the organization, errors, safety issues, risk management, and customer service quality improvement.

In aviation as in healthcare, there are inherent risks.  We can use the resources available to us to manage those risks and improve healthcare organizations.

This Presentation is Entertaining, Educational and Inspirational!

The primary speaker, Dr. Emerson Smith, is a sociologist (Ph.D., Emory University, M.A., Texas Christian University, B.A., University of Texas at Austin) working on human factors research in aviation and healthcare..  He is also a commercial pilot, an FAA Certificated Flight Instructor (CFII), and a search and rescue mission pilot and check pilot for the United States Air Force Auxiliary (Civil Air Patrol). 

Dr. Smith brings years of experience both in aviation and in healthcare, using examples from aviation and from healthcare organizations to make his points and to get healthcare organizations and managers to move toward creating a culture of  safety, value, quality and customer service..

This presentation can be given as...

  • a keynote presentation,
  • a concurrent session,  or 
  • an all-day presentation and workshop/seminar combination.

The presentation or presentation and workshop can be held at your facility or in a retreat  or conference center setting.

Dr. Smith's presentations are all interactive, encouraging audience participation.  The presentation and workshop are both tailored to your organization's needs.


Who Should Attend? 

Senior management, physicians, nurse managers, directors and supervisors. 

Ideal for management and physician retreats. 

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