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Active ImageGlobal Health Care: What does it mean for Your hospital or Health Care Organization?

Health insurance providers are extending their insurance to patients who choose to go outside the US for medical treatment and surgical procedures.  Patients in the US can bypass their local hospital for surgical and medical treatment and select hospitals based on the best outcomes and the best price.  How can hospitals in the US respond to this trend?   Foreign hospitals, particularly those in India, Malaysia, and Indonesia, have, for a number of years, offered "medical tourism", a surgical procedure by US trained physicians as well as an opportunity to see, for example,  the Taj Mahal.

Global health care whether in the form of "tourism" or not,  is here.  What can we learn from other hospitals and health systems around the world?  How can we partner with foreign hospitals to benefit our medical staff, our employees, our patients and our communities?

Dr. Emerson Smith will customize a keynote presentation or seminar for your healthcare organization, conference, hospital, medical staff, board, strategic planning retreat, or other group.  Dr. Smith brings examples of best practices from his research in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe and other parts of the world.  Call 1-888-256-8694 or email .