Krakow, Poland EU

Krakow, the second largest city in Poland and a former capital of Poland, sits beautifully on the Vistula River complete with Wawel Castle overlooking the valley. The Steven Spielberg movie Schlindler's List was filmed, in part, here.  Oskar Schlindler's factory, near the neighborhood of Kazimierz, is open as a museum and cultural center. The medieval Market Square is a spectacular preservation.

Krakow is the home of the LifeScience Cluster Krakow, a consortium of biotechnology and life sciences organizations, including hospitals, universities, government agencies, and businesses.   What more information on Krakow or the LifeSciences Cluster Krakow?  Email us or complete the Business Request form under "Contact us" in the upper right hand corner of this page.  Click here to learn more about Krakow.

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One of the oldest universities in Central Europe is Jagiellonian University.There are 19 other universities in the city. For more information on Krakow and the LifeScience Cluster, email us.  Also see more about Krakow by clicking here