La Bastide

10 Road of Vines (off old Highway 25)
Travelers Rest, SC 29690
Phone: 1-877-836-8463
Fax: 864-836-4820

This is worth a side trip from Columbia. In fact, it is about 120 miles from here, just north of Greenville, SC. But, it's great for a week-end luxury get-away. The 14-room family-owned and operated hotel has an excellent restaurant. You'll find discerning people from all over the Upstate coming up here just for dinner. Some of the largest companies in the Upstate have their guests stay here. It has a bridal suite, of course. The owner got the idea for this place from his travels in France. First of all, he established a real, producing vineyard on the hillsides. Then, he had authentic French people come and advise him on all the features so that this would look and feel like it was in France. It really does. Of course, while farmhouse inns (les bastides) in France are old and have a farmhouse aroma, this place has all the comforts of the first-class hotel it is. In France, you'd find a lot of smoking in even the most elegant hotels and restaurants. There's no smoking here in either the hotel or the restaurant. In the past, there were plans are on the drawing boards for a winery (existing crops are sold to wineries elsewhere) and a French shopping village. Send an email for a brochure, rates, and availability of a table and rooms.