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Improving Community Health

Hospitals have long been places people go when they are ill, going to have a baby, or to get a test.   

Not-for-profit hospitals, in order to keep that IRS status, have been required for the past few years to file a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) every three years, along with a plan to address health needs, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. 

Promoting BioTech Sciences

The health care industry in the United States is all embroiled in issues involving cost cutting and improving patient outcomes.  There is no agreement on how or whether there should be universal health care.  Health care has become a political issue, one where politicians want to have control.  Policiticians want to control the health issues of women, of people in their final stage of life, and appear to be limiting access to health care by the young, by blacks and by Hispanics who cannot afford health insurance. Health care costs are a growing part of the gross domestic product.  Errors in hospitals are a significant concern.

Yet we have some of the best doctors, nurses, drugs, and medical devices in the world.  The issue is not the individual segments of our health care system. The issue is how how health care systems work together in the United States.

One area in many of our hospitals, particularly our research hospitals is the platform they provide for clinical trials and for the creation of biotech companies and patents on promising biotech science, leading to new drugs, new devices, and new therapies.  Our hospitals, whether a research hospital or an acute care hospital, can work with entrepreneurs who have patents that can bring new therapies to patients.  Insitutional review boards (IRBs) are in place in every hospital to protect patients and encourage testing of new products, treatments and therapies.

Metromark in the Czech Republic

Metromark's President, Emerson Smith, spoke at the Central European Forum of Biotechnology and Innovative BioEconomy in Brno, Czech Republic ( .

"This was a honor to speak at this conference of biotech companies from Europe, the US, and other countries.  It was an opportunity for us to talk about the latest developments in innovation and marketing biotech," says Emerson.  "Central Europe has so many of the top scientists in Europe and a great deal of support by their universities and their countries."

Emerson's presentation was on innovation, technology transfer, and marketing biotech scientists, companies, university start-ups, products, patents, and services throughout the world.