Market Research

Metromark® delivers the most demanding  scientific , survey-research studies to our clients, using state of the art methods and sampling techniques, including quick telephone surveys, high return mail questionnaires, and targeted Internet questionnaires.  Our focus group research gets the kind of people you want and information you need for critical decision making.  For library or secondary research, call us for quick but thorough studies on the market for a product and service. 

Member Casro Council of American Survey Research Organizations

Our market research field services division serves our custom research clients, including some of the highest quality focus group recruiting, moderating & reporting, telephone interviewing, surveys by phone, by mail, and by Internet, as well as executive interviewing. 

We provide field services only for our custom research clients.


  • Known quality and industry standards
  • Cost effective
  • On-time results

SURVEYS for Quantitative Research

We're best known for our high-return mail surveys.  Mail surveys, using our survey designs, are your best value and best choice for overall quality.  When there's not enough time for mail surveys, we conduct telephone surveys and Internet surveys using state of the art methods.  Email us with specific issues.

FOCUS GROUPS for Qualitative Research

We have access to focus group facilities in most cities, including those with one way mirror and video recording.  We also do focus groups in virtually and setting, with audio and video recording.

For more information, call our toll-free Business Research Hot Line at 1-888-256-8694.