Metromark Health Care Research Center

Hospitals and healthcare organizations use the Metromark® Healthcare Research Center solutions to help build market share, increase value to the patient, physician, employees and insurers, improve customer service, reduce medical errors, improve functional and clinical outcomes, and  and make the organization a safer place to work and be treated. Email us to learn how we can work together to improve your organization.  

Customers, including employees, physicians, and patients, go where they know they are wanted and stay where they are well-treated.

- Metromark Creed

Hospitals and healthcare organizations use Metromark ®  Healthcare Quality Service solutions to help build market share and increase net revenues.

Our solutions help retain patients, physicians and employees, attracts more customers, help recruit employees and physicians, and develops a hospital reputation that brings business to the hospital and improves outcomes.

Analysis & Reports

 Metromark® conducts thorough research and analysis on five key areas of your organization:

  1. Market Analysis - Community Image & Needs Assessment
  2. Competitive Analysis - Community Hospital Preferences
  3. Culture Analysis - Safety Culture Evaluation of the Hospital
  4. Economic Impact Statements - Value to the Community
  5. Survey research - Listening to your Customers & Employees

Our comprehensive and detailed reports will identify your strengths and weaknesses, areas for improvement, opportunities, and provide clear road maps for your success.

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Seminars / Workshops for Healthcare Professionals


Seminar Metromark offers a series of seminars that will help build service quality in those hospitals and health systems where the CEO and senior management has decided that they want to improve their service to all of their customers (patients, physicians, health plan administrators, volunteers, business executives, residents in the community).

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