Physician Practices Education

The Essence of Caring - Attaining excellence in patient relations, customer service and client loyalty through a learning technology specifically designed for the unique needs of physician clinics, managed care and HMO organizations, and homecare.

Specifically, The Essence of Caring will:

  • Enable employees to accomplish more with fewer resources while maintaining quality of work and client loyalty.
  • Reduce customer complaints and staff turnover.
  • Lessen the risk of client litigation through enhanced staff interpersonal skills.
  • Build patient loyalty and positive word of mouth advertising.
  • Support continuous quality improvement initiatives.
  • Create pride in routine performance.
  • Encourage and support employee teamwork.
  • Improve attitude, morale and communication skills.
  • Reinforce your customer service philosophy.
  • Empower staff to deal more effectively with patient problems.

The goal of The Essence of Caring is to improve service to internal and external customers ¾ clients, their families, the medical and non-medical staff, and each other!

Program Overview

The program is driven by 60 minutes of video delivered in three sessions of up to two hours each. The video provides positive and negative examples to enable participants to identify and learn.

The user-friendly Leader Guide is used by facilitators to implement the learning system on site. Facilitators are selected by your organization based on their peer respect, enthusiasm and their true belief in the importance of quality service. The Leader Guide explains how to run group discussions, what materials are needed, and provides a step by step "goof proof" system for the Leader’s use in conducting each session.

A participant book and support materials are used by employees to maintain enthusiasm and commitment. Outside reading enhances the learning experience and reduces the amount of time participants and facilitators are away from their normal duties by as much as sixteen hours. Less training "downtime" means less cost for your organization.


Dictionaries offer synonyms for the word "caring" like devoted, cherished, doting, tender, and fond. The Essence of Caring is designed to enable your employees to demonstrate a "caring" behavior and ensure that your clients perceive they are receiving good care in a hospitable manner with individualized service ¾ that is The Essence of Caring.

Providing quality care is more of a challenge now than ever before. Not only because advances in medical technology have created a multitude of treatment options, but also because patients have higher expectations, more managed healthcare choices, are more knowledgeable ¾ and WANT to be informed.

In fact, informing in a "caring" manner has now become almost as much a part of treatment as medical intervention. That is why responsible healthcare providers know how to provide this information competently, accurately, and compassionately.

Caring, Not Processing

While the medical competence of healthcare providers and their staff is Priority Number One among patients and their families, caring is a close second. That caring can only come across through well-developed communication skills and a heightened sense of empathy.

Caring about others comes naturally; the challenge is showing that you care...even when you’re busy, tired or focused on getting a job done. The Essence of Caring will teach the skills needed to consistently convey a caring attitude in a positive and sincere manner.

Experiential Learning

The Essence of Caring will provide your employees the opportunity to network with co-workers from all areas of your organization, during a video-based learning system designed to enhance patient relations, garner increased client loyalty and improve overall internal and external customer service. The technology focuses on enhancing communication , interpersonal and customer service skills so that they can do their best in meeting the challenges they are faced with every day. The Essence of Caring works because it is built on their reality!

This seminar is for physicians, nurses and support staff, including office staff.  It provides an opportunity to understand how the organization can be improved in terms of customer service and net revenues.

You have a number of options with this seminar.  We can present the seminar for your organization.  Or, we can train your staff to conduct the seminar.  Finally, you can purchase the seminar package and follow the leader's guide in presenting the seminar on your own.

Seminar Options

  • Onsite Visit - We come into your hospital to conduct the seminars and help you implement a customer service improvement process.
  • Train the Trainers - We can train your employees as facilitators to conduct the seminars in-house and to get a process underway.
  • Inhouse Development - You can purchase the course materials, including a leader's guide, and conduct the seminar in-house on your own. We'll help you get the seminars incorporated into the life of your organization

For further information, call our toll-free Seminar Hot Line  at 1-888-256-8694.