Senior Management Education

Leading Empowered Teams for Service Quality - This two-day seminar enhances skills necessary to lead empowered employees.  It's important for everyone in leadership positions to be a cheerleader in order to get improvement from their employees and to reinforce that improvement.

This seminar is interactive.  It focuses on strategic standards and processes, empowerment, coaching, feedback, and teamwork.  (This seminar is available in Spanish and English.)


  1. Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service
  2. Delivering Quality Customer Service
  3. Building an Instrument Panel or Balanced Scorecard to Guide the Organization's Progress Toward Quality Customer Service

For executives, these courses, some half-day, others full-day are designed to launch quality service concepts in an organization and build commitment to service by the entire staff.      

Seminar Options

  • Onsite Visit - We come into your hospital to conduct the seminars and help you implement a customer service improvement process.
  • Train the Trainers - We can train your employees as facilitators to conduct the seminars in-house and to get a process underway.
  • Inhouse Development - You can purchase the course materials, including a leader's guide, and conduct the seminar in-house on your own. We'll help you get the seminars incorporated into the life of your organization 

For more information, call our toll-free Seminar Hot Line at 1-888-256-8694.