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This presentation by Emerson Smith, an FAA certificated flight instructor and commercial pilot, is based on aviation concepts such as crew resource management (teamwork), instrument panel scan (keeping your eyes open for options), division of attention (being able to work on multiple projects at the same time), resource management (using all available resources)  as well as the NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System (allowing employees to make anonymous reports on problems and issues). Aviation concepts are modified and adapted to improve business organizations. 

Looking for prospects for your products or services? Metromark® Business Prospecting Solution (a data-based business prospecting process) will help you to identify and qualify prospects, according to your specifications.

Competitive intelligence allows you to know what your competitors are doing and what they are planning on doing.  Comparative intelligence allows you to compare your organization to that of the competitor on specific measures.  We can also tell you how you are perceived by your competitors as well as by your customers.

Metromark® Continuous Market Assessment Program is designed to fit your budget, provides you with a motion picture of your market.  The program will continuously monitor your key customers and prospective customers within your markets and allows new products and services to emerge as demanded by the marketplace.

Metromark® delivers the most demanding  scientific , survey-research studies to our clients, using state of the art methods and sampling techniques, including quick telephone surveys, high return mail questionnaires, and targeted Internet questionnaires.  Our focus group research gets the kind of people you want and information you need for critical decision making.  For library or secondary research, call us for quick but thorough studies on the market for a product and service. 

Member Casro Council of American Survey Research Organizations

Every organization operates on processes to provide a service or to produce a product.  We begin by looking at how people work together in your organization, what their objectives are, and map out the process by which things get done.    After this initial assessment, we will identify ways to improve your processes for optimum productivity.