Welcome to Metromark Market Research, Inc.   As sociologists, our overall goal is to observe, document, understand, predict, and modify human social behavior in the society, taking into account the specific issues in the community, local culture, family, and the social relationships of the individual.

We provide organization leaders with actionable reports on how their business, law firm, hospital, physician practice, non-profit, news media provider, retail store, manufacturer, airline, city or state can get any group of people to work with the organization for mutual benefit.

The popular term today in market research is to observe, document and understand the “user experience”, sometimes noted as “UX”.  This is simply observing and documenting what the “user” (customer, patient, client, etc.) experiences when being, for example, in a store, on a website, as a client in a law firm, or as a patient in a hospital.   By knowing the user experience, that experience can be enhanced to improve satisfaction and encourage repeated usage of the product or service.

Some questions that organizations often ask us include:

How should I respond to the needs of my customers and prospective customers?

What new products and services do my customers want?

How can I improve customer satisfaction?

What kind of logo and tagline do I need to tell the story of my company?

How can I be sure that my company has a good reputation as a corporate citizen?

How should I promote my products and services?

What is my target audience?

How should I introduce my products and services to my target audience?

What are your questions for which you need an actionable report?

Methods we use  may include large database analysis, custom scientific surveys, literature review, secondary analysis, meta-analysis of multiple published research studies, as well as observation and qualitative studies, including charrettes, small group focused discussions, and one-on-one, in-person interviews.