Artists are a part of our social life. 

Visual artists, including those who are painters, sculptors, photographers and others, perform behaviors to express their view of their world.  They paint, for example, to express themselves and want others to see inside their souls.

To continue to produce their work, which is deeply personal, artists hope there will be an interest by viewers in making a purchase.  At the least, visual artists want others to see a reaction to their works in studios, in art museums, in homes, on television, or in the social media.  They don’t just want people to see their works. They want to observe an internal and external response to their work.


Marching down the street with banners, flags, and people riding or walking along in a parade is a work of art.

Here comes the Rotary Club of Five Points down Devine Street celebrating St. Patick’s Day in Columbia, South Carolina.

People create visual art when they grow Azaleas and Dogwood trees in their front garden and choose to keep their oak leaves on the ground as a home for lightning bugs and other beneficial creatures that feed the birds and keep the squirrels company.  Below is a home in the Shandon neighborhood of Columbia, South Carolina.

The photos below show artists and their art in an Open Studio  weekend in Columbia.

Artist Jean Lomasto shows her studio in the Rosewood neighborhood of Columbia.  Instagram: @jeanlomasto

Anne Marie Cockrell is a Certified Advanced Rolfer as well as an accomplished artist. Rolfers work to improve the overall structure of the human body.                  Anne Marie Cockrell

Mary Robinson, an artist and educator, offers workshops on printmaking and papermaking.  www.

Debora Life creates ceramic art such as this Pet Rock at Barefoot Pottery in her Rosewood studio.                                Search: Debora Life artist columbia sc

Peggy Jacobs’s Art of Color shows scenes in many locations.  She is at the Viridian Gallery and Studio, 3132 Carlisle Street Columbia SC 29205.  Search: peggy jacobs art columbia sc facebook

Ellen Emerson Yaghjian is a sculptor, specializing in bronze art, including brass fountains, flowing from one level to another.

Julie Coffey, at Over the Mantel Gallery,

Cathy Kline, artist at “Art That Works” at the Viridian Gallery and Studio, 3132 Carlisle Street Columbia SC 29205        Search: cathy kline art columbia sc facebook

Susan Shrader, of Serglasio Arts, fused glass and paintings, shows one of her ceramic plates.  Search: serglasio arts by susan shrader facebook

Leah Cherney painting at Viridian Gallery & Studio  3132 Carlisle Street, Columbia SC 29205.                                     Instagram: @leahseclecticarts



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